Pedicure and other feet treatments

Pedicure and other  feet treatments provide great benefits for Your overall health and well being: increase blood circulation, improve the health of Your nails, de-stress, keeps your feet smooths and soft.

Pedicure and other  feet treatments include: feet bath with sea salt, oil, relaxing gel, cuticle treatment, calluses treatment, creaming, light feet massage, nail polishing  or gel polishing. Time of pedicure 1-2 hours.

*If the beautician find fee or nail fungus, salon has right to refuse to perform treatment and ask additional fee 3-5 €

Pedicure and feet treatments
Clearance pedicure with acids with polishing or gel polishing 60-90 min 50 €
Classical pedicure excl. polishing 60-90 min 30-35 €
Classical pedicure incl. polishing 60-90 min 35 €
Classical pedicure with gel polishing 60-90 min 38 €
French pedicure with gel polishing 60-90 min 40-45 €
SPA pedicure with paraffin treatment 60-90 min 38 €
Light pedicure with foot massage 90 min 47 €
Classical pedicure for men 60 min 30-35 €
EXPRESS pedicure 45-60 min 25/30 €
Gel polish removal 30 min 10 €
The length of treatments shown are approximate.

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