Manicure and nail extensions

Manicure and nail extensions are important part of grooming ritual since ancient times. Having well groomed hands is important in every area of life.
Manicure includes:
cuticle treatment, filing, polishing, massage, rich cream with vitamin B5 for enhancing the resilience of the skin and care, polishing or gel – polishing

Classical manicure (incl polishing) 20 €
SPA manicure (incl polishing) 25 €
Мanicure with gel polishing 30-40 €
Мanicure with gel polishing (Reinforced) 38-45 €
French manicure with gel polishing 40 €
Мanicure for men 20 €
Pаraffin hand treatment (cold paraffin) 10 €
Nail extensions (1.5-2h) 55-65 €


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